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Sterifab: EPA-Registered and Ready to Use

Sterifab™ is the only EPA Registered Virucide, Disinfectant and Insecticide

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The Google Search That Changed How I Run My Pest Control Business

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

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We were excited to receive this testimonial from a leading pest control professional who found that Sterifab was the missing piece in his company’s fight against bed bugs:

Are you suffering from bed bugs? Need a sanitizer, disinfectant, mildewcide, or deodorant? Look no further than Sterifab! An all-in-one comprehensive, well-balanced treatment solution. As a leading Daytona Beach pest control company and an associate certified entomologist, I wish I would have discovered Sterifab sooner. For years, we at Imperial Pest Prevention have been providing bed bug extermination and bed bug removal services with much success. Little did I realize the secret concoction that we utilized had a multitude of insecticides. Although it was indeed successful in the treatments we were offering, it was just that: insecticide only!

Buy Sterifab to get rid of bed bugs and more

Over the years, we’ve had many customer concerns/ questions that have been brought to my attention, such as "does the spray you use sanitize the mattress locations it is applied to?" or " the spray on the last treatment smelled so strong, isn't there anything that actually smells decent?" The answer to these questions was unfortunately always “no.” Frustrated with having to provide my clientele with such a response, I started doing research to find a better solution.

After a quick keyword search on Google for "what is the best bed bug spray," I discovered Sterifab. Upon discovery of a product that incorporated a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide with an alcohol base vs water or petroleum carrier, I knew that this product would not only be extremely effective, it would also dry in a very user and customer-friendly way. As I researched Sterifab more, l discovered that the once "no" answers I repetitively mumbled to customers could now be definite "yesses!”

Sterifab was a game-changer in our bed bug treatments. Finally, a product that still incorporates the insecticide, but also has the sanitizer for peace of mind. A product that dries in a clean, consistent manner and does so without such a harsh, chemical smell. Sterifab has been a success in our arsenal against these blood-sucking parasites. As a pest professional, I have no problem personally recommending Sterifab to friends, family, or other service-related companies that may require a phenomenal all-in-one product that does so much more than insecticide alone.

This testimonial was written by Jonathan Stoddard of Imperial Pest Prevention as a personal opinion. If you want help getting rid of bed bugs, mites, termites, bacteria, and yes - viruses - Sterifab can help!

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