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Getting Rid of Fleas with Sterifab

A Bit About Fleas

Although the most common flea encountered in the US is the cat flea (dog fleas are actually quite rare) there are actually more than 2,000 different known species of fleas worldwide.


Adult fleas may seem to be more annoying than dangerous to humans and pets, but they can cause a variety of medical problems including flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), the transmission of tapeworms, secondary skin irritations, and, in rare instances, anemia.

That's why knowing what gets rid of fleas is so important! Luckily, Sterifab is proven to kill fleas. It's nonresidual and you can use it on almost any surface. 

How to Get Rid of Fleas with Sterifab

Here's how to get rid of fleas in 6 easy steps and make sure they never return! 

  1. Treat your pet with a product designed especially for animals.

  2. Clean all affected rooms and remove any clutter.

  3. Sweep, vacuum and mop thoroughly. To get rid of fleas in beds, clean mattresses, drapes, couches, and rugs.

  4. Treat all inanimate objects with Sterifab.

  5. Wash all sheets and bedding in HOT water.

  6. Repeat process again after 3-4 weeks.

Since 75% of a flea’s life is passed somewhere other than the host animal, simply treating the host is insufficient; the host's environment must also be dealt with. And Sterifab is the perfect flea treatment for your house, office, in fact, anywhere.

Sterifab can be used to get rid of fleas from virtually any inanimate object or location. Plus, there are no other EPA-registered products that can match Sterifab as viricide, bactericide, sanitizer, insecticide, deodorant, germicide, disinfectant, mildewcide, fungicide, bacteriostatic AND fungistatic, all in one.

- Facts About Fleas -


How Do You Identify a Flea?

Adult fleas are approximately 0.12 inches long (about 3 milimeters) and are dark reddish-brown in color. They are wingless, but possess enlarged hind legs which make them adept at jumping  ̶  up to 50 times their body length! They are also flattened from side to side, a feature that allows them to move easily between fur, hair or feathers of the host.

Flea Bites

How to Identify Flea Bites

Like mosquito bites, flea bites produce raised, swollen spots which have perforation points at their center. The bites frequently develop in groups or lines of two or three bites, and they are sometimes inflamed for several weeks at a time. Plus, when they attack animals, fleas can cause hair loss, largely due to the animal scratching and biting itself. That's why immediate flea treatment with Sterifab is so important.

What Do Fleas Eat?

Like bed bugs and mosquitos, fleas survive by ingesting the blood of their hosts. However, each species of flea tends to prefer a particular animal species upon which to prey. Humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, ferrets, rats, mice and birds are all potential targets. While fleas are generally associated with animals, fleas in beds and mattresses are not uncommon. The animals can find their hosts there!

kitchen counter
Sterifab disinfectant

Why Use Sterifab?

In addition to getting rid of fleas in beds, mattresses and more, Sterifab also kills other pests and is effective against fungus, mold and mildew.


Used properly, Sterifab:

Deodorizes and controls odor-causing organisms.

Sanitizes and deodorizes restrooms.

Has no added perfume or unpleasant odor.

Dries in 15-20 minutes, is biodegradable and leaves no residue.

Is one of the only non-residual products labeled for use on mattresses and upholstered furniture.

How to Prevent Flea Infestations in the Future

Getting rid of fleas is rarely a one-time operation. After you’ve used Sterifab flea treatment  ̶  and whatever flea control agent you decide to use as a pet treatment   ̶  it’s best if you coordinate your ongoing hygiene efforts with both pet treatments and the indoor and outdoor premises that were infected.


Remember, Sterifab is the ‘Anywhere, Anytime Disinfectant’ that you can trust, always!

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Kitchen Counter

Use Sterifab Anywhere

For over 50 years, Sterifab has been the go-to disinfectant, pesticide and virucide for pest management professionals and members of the public alike.


In fact, it’s so versatile and effective that you’ll find it in use everywhere, including:

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing homes

  • Schools

  • Commercial and industrial institutions

  • Veterinary clinics and kennels

  • Hotels and motels

  • Dental clinics

  • Day care centers and nurseries

  • Bars, cafeterias and restaurants

  • Hair salons and barber shops (especially in the COVID-era)

  • Correctional institutions and jails

  • Buses, taxis, rideshares and private cars

Did You Know?

Sterifab does more than get rid of fleas! You can also use it to:

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