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Getting Rid of Spiders with Sterifab

A Bit About Spiders

There are over 45,000 species of spiders and they inhabit nearly every continent on our planet. Their closest relatives are other arachnids including scorpions, mites and ticks.

Every spider produces venom, but only a select few species pose a threat to humans. In the United States, the most common poisonous spiders are black widows and brown recluse spiders. Dangerous or not, spiders often find their way into man-made structures and can be hard to get rid of.

If you do have an infestation, you can use what the pros use to kill spiders. 

Sterifab is odorless and nonresidual, so you can spray it on almost every surface and in any room to get rid of spiders.

How to Get Rid of Spiders with Sterifab

Here’s how to get rid of spiders in 6 easy steps:

  1. Scan your home thoroughly for spiders, webs and egg sacks.

  2. Move furniture and check in remote corners.

  3. Remove spiders, webs and egg sacks with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

  4. Apply Sterifab everywhere spiders were active or might be in the future.

  5. Install screens in windows and doorways.

  6. Vacuum regularly.

While a spider infestation can be daunting, with a pest control professional or on your own, you can tackle those 8-legged intruders! Read our expert advice on how to get rid of spiders.

- Facts About Spiders -

Why You Want to Get Rid of Spiders

Image by Timothy Dykes

Some spiders present a significant health hazard, with bites that require immediate medical attention. Small children and pets are more at risk as curiosity can lead them to approach a potentially deadly spider. Also, spider venom spreads more quickly through their small bodies.


While the danger from life-threatening spiders is particularly acute in more rural environments, even harmless spiders can cause a major headache in your home. The unexpected appearance of a spider may make you jump, especially if you find one crawling on you. But when should you really worry?

Learn about how to tell if a spider is dangerous.


Finally, if spiders go undealt with, they may lay eggs inside your home, turning what was a minor annoyance into a major problem.

Marble Floor
Sterifab disinfectant

Why Use Sterifab?

Sterifab is a gamechanger in the fight against spiders because it can be applied on almost any surface and leaves no trace or smell. Sterifab also has a number of other benefits, including:


Eliminating mildew and fungi

Killing and preventing other pests like mites, bed bugs, ticks and more

Eradicating pathogenic odors

When using Sterifab to get rid of spiders, you’re also cleaning and protecting your home from plagues you would normally need several products to handle.

Use Sterifab to Prevent Spiders from Returning

Of course, spiders aren’t going extinct any time soon and new spiders may find their way into your home or office. The good news is that you can use Sterifab, together with these tips, to prevent a full-on invasion.


  1. Clean regularly in spots that are not normally disturbed.

  2. Remove webs and apply Sterifab in these locations as you find them.

  3. Seal potential entry points (e.g. holes in screens or where pipes and electrical wires enter the building).

  4. Keep windows and doors closed or install screens.

  5. Check for spiders or their webs outside of your home periodically.

Vacuuming Couch
Hospital Hall

Use Sterifab Anywhere

They call Sterifab the ‘Anywhere, Anytime Agent’ for good reason: You can use it virtually anywhere—as a bactericide, a sanitizer, virucide, insecticide, as well as a deodorizer and fungistatic.


Sterifab is the go-to product for thousands of pest control professionals and individuals alike. Available in all 50 states, it’s used daily in places as diverse as hospitals, ambulances, veterinary offices, schools, day care centers, offices, hotels and motels, retail chains, bus lines, retirement homes, college dorms, animal kennels, and more.


Of course, you should never, ever use Sterifab on people, animals, clothing, shoes or cooking utensils. But you can use it on practically anything else!

Did You Know?

Sterifab does more than get rid of Spiders! You can also use it to:

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