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Disinfectant sprayer

How to Use Sterifab

Sterifab can be applied on almost any surface and dries in approximately 15 minutes. Learn more about where to use Sterifab and how to get the best results.

The above estimates are just that, estimates. Yield may be altered significantly due to the type of sprayer and spray pattern.​

Do not apply to people or animals.

Do not apply to clothing, shoes, or other garments that will be worn.

  • Sterifab is ready to use and does not require any dilution or preparation.

  • Please be sure to shake well before use.

  • Clean all surfaces and objects thoroughly before treatment.

  • Spray surfaces generously to provide a fine mist.

  • When using either the Continuous Action or Trigger Sprayer stand one foot from the surface being sprayed.

  • Allow treated items or surfaces to dry before use.

  • Hard surfaces may be wiped dry after 15 minutes.

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