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FAQs About How to Disinfect with Sterifab

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It’s official! The coronavirus   ̶  or COVID-19, as it is now known   ̶  is now a pandemic. This is according to Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), who on March 12, 2020, said:

“The global COVID-19 outbreak can now be described as a pandemic . . . Almost 125,000 cases have now been reported to WHO, from 118 countries and territories. In the past two weeks, the number of cases reported outside China has increased almost 13-fold, and the number of affected countries has almost tripled.”

For those of you not familiar with the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic, the former is the occurrence of a disease that is aggressively spreading; whereas the latter refers to an epidemic that affects either an entire country or the entire world. For most of us the distinction is academic, but it does make a difference.

COVID-19 is usually transmitted from person-to-person, via the respiratory droplets that everyone exhales. However, there is also evidence that the virus can remain active for hours, even days, on certain kinds of surfaces. And this a problem, because there is no cure for COVID-19: a vaccine does not exist and may take up to a year to develop and test one. 

This is why cleaning and disinfecting dirty surfaces ̶ in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, etc ̶ is a vital part of any preventative measures against the virus. 

FAQs about Using Sterifab Disinfectant

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