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Sterifab: EPA-Registered and Ready to Use

Sterifab™ is the only EPA Registered Virucide, Disinfectant and Insecticide

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Sterifab Takes On COVID

Sterifab kills COVID 19

Since the coronavirus first appeared in ominous headlines and became a near-instant global emergency in early 2020, battling COVID-19 has been a top priority for governments, businesses and individuals around the world.

While life has returned to something like normal, COVID-19 hasn’t gone away and the risks are still real, especially for the elderly and individuals with preexisting conditions.

For Sterifab, the pandemic set off a wave of interest in the product. Because our disinfectant spray kills other viruses, bacteria, insects, and fungi, we were confident that Sterifab also killed COVID.

Sterifab Kills COVID-19 (Now It’s EPA-Official!)

And now it’s official. Sterifab recently received official EPA approval that it kills 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, (the virus that causes COVID-19), providing homeowners, business owners and pest control professionals with a powerful new tool for maintaining a clean, coronavirus-free environment.

Using Sterifab to Combat COVID

Here’s how to use Sterifab to get rid of COVID-19 in 5 easy steps:

1. Identify areas that may have come into contact with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Initial fears that the coronavirus could spread rapidly via surface contact turned out to be exaggerated, particularly when compared with the risks of human-to-human contact. Recent studies, however, indicate that the dominant Omicron variant can survive much longer on a variety of surfaces, including for nearly 200 hours on plastic.

These new studies underscore the importance of disinfecting surfaces where the virus may be present. This includes mobile phones, door knobs, remote controls, keyboards, steering wheels, work stations and countless other surfaces.

2. Open windows for proper ventilation.

Ventilation helps prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and viruses in any building or vehicle. A slight breeze may be enough to pick up and carry off countless particles. If an infected person has recently been present, the room, car, home or building should be thoroughly ventilated and disinfected. This will help ensure that no particles of COVID linger to infect someone else.

3. Spray Sterifab generously on all identified areas.

Sterifab works in just a few sprays and can be used on almost any type of surface. Spray liberally! It’s odorless upon drying, leaves behind no residue and is also effective against many other nuisances and health hazards including bed bugs, mites, fleas, fungi and others. Protect yourself against more than one scourge with just one product.

4. Wait 10-15 minutes for surfaces to dry on their own. (Nonporous surfaces can be dried with a cloth after 10-15 minutes.)

After application, Sterifab can be left to do its work undisturbed. If you need to use the treated surface, just wait 10-15 minutes for the product to dry. For nonporous surfaces, simply wipe clean with a cloth.

5. Enjoy the security of knowing you're in a COVID-free environment.

The greatest gift of Sterifab is peace of mind. Once you’ve used Sterifab on a potentially infected surface, you can be confident that the area is COVID-free.

Is Sterifab in Your Cleaning Closet?

For ongoing protection, consider using Sterifab against the threat of COVID-19 at regular intervals in your home and wherever surfaces are shared, such as in joint workspaces or shared vehicles. Sterifab is quick and easy to use, making it an optimal product for regular COVID cleanings.

Sterifab has been a go-to product for pest control professionals for decades and is used by resorts, retail stores, police departments, transit authorities and countless others.

Want to try it?

Sterifab - kills Corona Virus



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