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Sterifab Product Information


Sterifab is a nonresidual spray that deodorizes as it disinfects. It is the only EPA-registered virucide, disinfectant and insecticide in one product.

With just a few sprays, Sterifab kills bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mites, listed viruses, mold, mildew and more. It disinfects listed bacteria and eradicates pathogenic odors.

Sterifab disinfectant

Sterifab as a DISINFECTANT

Sterifab is an antimicrobial agent that will kill listed microorganisms on contact. Unlike antibiotics, which are designed to destroy microorganisms within the body, Sterifab works by destroying the microbes at the cellular level or hindering their basic metabolic functions.

  • BACTERICIDE - Destroys listed microorganisms

  • FUNGICIDE - Kills listed fungi

  • SANITIZER - Reduces levels of listed microorganisms from inanimate environments

  • VIRICIDE - Kills listed viruses

  • MILDEWCIDE - Kills mold and mildew​

  • GERMICIDE - Kills listed germs and disinfects

  • DEODORANT - Destroys pathogenic odors

  • BACTERIOSTATIC - Inhibits bacterial growth

  • FUNGISTATIC - Inhibits fungal growth

Sterifab as an INSECTICIDE

Professionals and individuals around the country use Sterifab to kill bed bugs, get rid of ticks, mites, lice and more. It is a powerful and very potent agent for eliminating and eradicating insects.

Use Sterifab to get rid of:

And More...

Ready to Use

Requires no dilution and is ready to use. No measuring, no mess!

sterifab disinfectant

Sterifab is a multipurpose product killing listed viruses, bed bugs, listed bacteria, fungi and more.



Sterifab dries in 15-20 minutes, so you and your family can get right back to your routine.

Does Not Stain

It is one of the only products labeled for use on mattresses and upholstered furniture.

*Not compatible with waxed surfaces such as finished leather and wood, etc.​


Sterifab is easy to use, won't stain, and fast drying.

Sterifab has no added perfume or unpleasant odor, is completely clear and does not harm fabrics or carpets. It is one of the only nonresidual products labeled for use on mattresses and upholstered furniture. 

Will Not Stain


Has No Added Perfume


Has No Odor

Fast Drying


Crystal Clear


Will Not Harm Fabrics, Carpets or Most Areas

Not Compatible with Waxed Surfaces

Bottle (16 oz)

Sold by the bottle or package of 12 bottles. Buy through our distributors or on Amazon. 

Individual Gallon

Sold by the gallon or package of 4 gallons. Buy through our distributors or on Amazon. 

Five Gallon

Contact a distributor to purchase

Continuous Action Sprayer

The custom fit nozzle is perfect for big jobs.  Contact a distributor to purchase.

Trigger Sprayer

This individually packed sprayer comes with a 3 foot hose, and attaches easily to both the gallon and 5- gallon container. View it here.

Sterifab disinfectant
Sterifab sprayer
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