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More Uses of Sterifab

Since 1967, Sterifab has been known as the insecticide and disinfectant of choice. Professionals in cleaning, extermination and recovery businesses have relied on Sterifab for its effectiveness and ease of use. Non-professionals, too, have become regular users for one simple reason: nothing else works as well as Sterifab.


Professionals and individuals around the country use Sterifab to kill bed bugs, get rid of ticks, mites, lice and more. Our company has built a reputation for creating a product that gets rid of pests in a variety of environments.


What’s less known, however, is that Sterifab has countless other applications as well.

It’s not without reason that we call it the ‘Anywhere, Anytime’ multi-purpose agent.


Sterifab: A Hundred-and-One Uses

Hurricanes. Tropical storms. Tornadoes. Flash flooding. Overflowing rivers and failing levees. Lately they seem like weekly occurrences.


Perhaps. But when the waters finally recede we see the results: hospitals, homes, offices and shops devastated — and invariably covered in mud, sludge, sewage and more contaminants than most people can imagine. The fact is that when you and your family return after a flood, or even a fire, you have to be sure that your home is safe and that all the germs, bacteria, viruses and other disease-carrying entities are eradicated.

Sterifab Has What the Competition Doesn’t

After a disaster, when it’s time to start the restoration process,  whether it’s fixing water damage, cleaning sewage backup or recovering from a fire  ̶  Sterifab has advantages that a lot of the competition doesn’t. For instance, it:


  1. Deodorizes and controls odor-causing organism

  2. Sanitizes during any restoration (smoke, water, sewage backup) process.

  3. Is completely non-residual, odor free and biodegradable

  4. Dries in 15-20 minutes

Sterifab disinfectant

Protect Yourself After a Disaster

Remember, just because you’ve weathered the storm, it doesn’t mean that you’re truly safe. Not only do you need to protect your family, clients or patients from the immediate aftermath of a disaster, but you want to safeguard their health for the long term.


To protect against lingering threats from disease-transmitting organisms, you need to be vigilant  ̶  and prepared. We recommend that you reapply Sterifab wherever, and whenever needed.

Cleaning Equipment

Disinfect and Clean: When Soap and Water Aren’t Enough

These are the times when soap and hot water simply can’t do the job. Something stronger and longer-lasting is needed. That ‘something’ is Sterifab. It is specifically formulated to:


  • Destroy micro-organisms

  • Kill fungus

  • Kill viruses

  • Kill mold and mildew

  • Kill germs and disinfect

Why You Need Sterifab to Disinfect

In addition to quickly removing odor-causing bacteria, Sterifab will successfully:


  • Eradicate pathogenic odors

  • Inhibit bacterial growth

  • Eliminate mold and mildew

  • Function as a bacteriostatic to stop bacteria from reproducing

Sterifab - the Anywhere, Anytime Agent

You can use Sterifab anywhere:

  • Schools, Day Care Centers and Nursery Schools

  • Schools - lockers, cabinets, shelves, clothing closets

  • Offices

  • Hotels and Motels – hospitality carts, laundry areas

  • College Dormitories

  • Libraries

  • Churches and Houses of Worship – Sunday school furniture, nursery furniture, rest rooms

  • Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

  • Veterinary Offices and Animal Kennels - cages, carriers, operating surfaces

  • Hospitals, Hospital Emergency Rooms and Clinics

  • Hospital - hampers, laundry baskets, tote-sacks

  • Trailer Parks

  • Bus Lines

  • Trains, Buses and Taxi-Cabs

  • Virtually any Public Gathering Place

  • Leading Retail Chains

  • Movie and Theater Venues

Did You Know?

You can also use Sterifab to:

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