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Getting Rid of Flies with Sterifab

A Bit About Flies

Flies are among the most numerous pests on Earth. In fact, there are 17 million flies for each person on the planet, and over 110,000 different species buzzing around.

And while flies live short lives, they reproduce at a remarkable rate, making it difficult to halt a full-blown infestation.


While sometimes flies are nothing more than a nuisance, most species feed on and lay their eggs in unsanitary places such as trash heaps or feces. This means that, at their worst, they can help spread diseases like dysentery and cholera.

If you have a fly infestation, you want to nip it in the bud—fast.

How to Get Rid of Flies
with Sterifab

Here’s how to get rid of flies in 5 easy steps:

  1. Locate the breeding site. (Check trash bins, aging fruit, outdoor ponds and the soil of potted plants).

  2. Throw away old fruit, remove trash and repot plants as necessary.

  3. Remove any animal feces from surrounding outdoor areas.

  4. Apply Sterifab to all affected areas.

  5. Install or repair screens in windows and doors to prevent reinfestation.

- Facts About Flies -

Why You Want to Get Rid of Flies

getting rid of flies

All flies belong to the order Diptera, a group of insects that uses a single pair of wings to fly. Besides this common classification, flies are as diverse as they come and range in size from barely visible to almost 3 inches in length.


Here are some other important facts to know about the flies you are likely to find infesting your home:

  • Flies taste with their feet.

  • House flies live for about a month, but can lay 500 eggs every few days.

  • Some species, like the horse fly, breed close to water and bite animals for blood before laying their eggs.

  • Flies play an important role in nature, breaking down organic material and even pollinating certain plants that bees don’t.

  • Flies have nearly 360-degree vision, which is one of the reasons they are so hard to catch.

Marble Floor
Sterifab disinfectant

Need a reliable product to get rid of the flies in your home?

Most pest control professionals use EPA-approved Sterifab. Not only does it exterminate flies at all stages, but it can be applied on virtually every surface and leaves behind no visible trace or odor.

Did You Know?

Sterifab does more than get rid of Flies! You can also use it to:

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