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Sterifab: EPA-Registered and Ready to Use

Sterifab™ is the only EPA Registered Virucide, Disinfectant and Insecticide

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Sterifab and Pest Control: Facts v. Fiction

Some things are just too good to be true.

Others only seem too good to be true, like Sterifab. Believe it or not, Sterifab can be used to solve a wide variety of woes without leaving any residue, from insects and viruses to bacteria and even odors. Still think we’re making it up? Here are some facts vs. fictions about Sterifab to clear up any confusion:

  1. Fiction: Sterifab is only an insecticide. Fact: Sterifab is also an EPA-approved virucide, disinfectant, pesticide, and is even effective against mold. So whether your goal is to exterminate bed bugs, flies, roaches, mites or other insects or to kill COVID-19 on surfaces, Sterifab is an all-in-one solution that doesn't leave an order or stains and can be used almost anywhere. Talk about versatility!

  2. Fiction: Sterifab has not been proven to kill COVID-19. Fact: Sterifab is EPA-approved as an effective killer of coronaviruses and can be used as a disinfectant to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce risk to yourself and your loved ones. Applying Sterifab to frequently touched surfaces can add another effective layer of protection against COVID-19 and help prevent a return to disruptive social restrictions.

  3. Fiction: Pest management professionals don’t use products you can buy on your own. Fact: While pest management professionals (also known as exterminators) have many tools at their disposal, Sterifab is one of their most important weapons. From eliminating bed bugs and mites to flies, fleas, roaches, spiders and other pests, you can buy Sterifab yourself and use what the professionals use. Try it out.

  4. Fiction: Insecticides and disinfectants leave stains and a bad smell. Fact: Some might, but we wouldn't know about that because Sterifab does not! Sterifab doesn't leave behind any marks and even deodorizes when applied. Once treatment is complete, you won't be able to detect where Sterifab was sprayed.

  5. Fiction: Bed bugs don’t pose a health risk. Fact: Besides the annoyance of continuously receiving new, itchy bites, bed bugs can be the cause of much more significant health problems, a risk that warrants their quick extermination. According to a recent study by the University of Kentucky Department of Entomology, “bed bugs produce large amounts of histamine” and histamines “can cause allergic reactions, rashes and respiratory problems.” Luckily, bed bugs can be eliminated by using proper cleaning and treatment techniques that include the use of Sterifab.

  6. Fiction: After spraying any insecticide, you shouldn’t go back into the treated room for at least several hours, especially if you have babies or pets. Fact: While true of some chemical insecticides, Sterifab is nonresidual. Simply wait for Sterifab to dry (approximately 10-15 minutes) and make sure the treated room has been thoroughly ventilated and all Sterifab mist, aerosols, and vapors have dispersed. Then anyone can re-enter the treated room, making Sterifab not only effective, but highly convenient next to other insecticides.

Still not convinced of what Sterifab can do for you?

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