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Bugs on the Go: When Your Fellow Commuters Are Not Just Paying Passengers

Updated: May 25, 2022

We’ve all heard the horror stories about bed bug infested hotel rooms or holiday rental cabins that are (literally) crawling with the nasty interlopers. Alas, bed bugs are equal opportunity pests that can ‒ and will ‒ take up residence anywhere: homes, stores, hospitals, dorm rooms and churches can all suffer from bug infestations.

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad-bug news, but you can now add another place (or places, to be more accurate) where bed bugs are showing up in unprecedented numbers, namely: public transportation. The fact of the matter is that buses, taxis, trains, trolleys and subways are often home to bed bugs, mites, fleas and more.

bed bugs on trains

Why are transportation modes so vulnerable to bugs? 

Well, for one thing riders themselves are often the 'culprits,' bringing bed bugs along in their luggage, their briefcases and even their clothing. And lest you think you might be immune, know that bed bugs are equal opportunity pests. Even the cleanest, best-dressed commuter can be an unwitting bed bug conveyor.

However, there’s another problem! Vehicles themselves can certainly become ‘home’ for these pesky critters; plus transportation facilities such as trains stations, waiting rooms, ticket areas and so forth can also harbor bed bugs, mites, ticks and more. Everything from benches and furniture to lockers and cafeterias can also play host to pests, so it’s easy to see why bed bug infestation can be such a problem.

So what is one to do? Stop riding on public transportation?

Not exactly. While bed bugs, molds and mites are an annoyance, they can be reckoned with! Ideally, transportation owners will themselves start to address the problem. But whether you run a bus company or just ran into bed bugs on your local bus, here are some pointers on how to get rid of bed bugs.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs. Now!

If you’re in the transportation management business, you probably know all about this problem. But don’t blame yourself if you find your vehicles or facilities are places of bug refuge. In fact, at least 20% of Americans have encountered bed bugs in their homes, offices and in hotels and sundry other places. But they have to go!

But first things first. Do you know how to tell if you have bed bugs or scabies? Are you absolutely positive that you have a bed bug problem? First of all, bed bugs are small, oval and brownish in color and have flat bodies about the size of an apple seed. After feeding, their bodies swell and turn a reddish color.

And as I’ve said they usually enter a home or office or cab or bus or train undetected, carried in with luggage, clothing, carry-ons and other innocuous items. Unfortunately, their flat bodies make it easy for them to fit into very small tiny spaces. And bed bugs can quickly and easily spread from bedrooms to other rooms or apartments, preferring to live in crevices or other protected locations.

The Sterifab Solution

We can discuss bed bug prevention approaches later. For now, your first priority it to eliminate them, from your bus or train, of course, but also from your own clothing and home. For this, we humbly suggest that you or an exterminator use an insecticide and disinfectant such as Sterifab.

So, why Sterifab and not some other insecticide?

Well, most of the products in the marketplace have their individual advantages and disadvantages, but as an EPA-registered product, Sterifab is acknowledged to be among the most efficient and effective agents available today. It’s a really powerful and very potent agent for eliminating bed bugs, getting rid of mites, mold and even bad odors.

This is why Sterifab has been the bed bug treatment of choice for a wide variety of institutions and facilities. And where is Sterifab used? Well - pretty much anywhere! From schools and office buildings to hospitals and animal kennels, there's no place that it won't work.


You can learn more here about how to use Sterifab. And here's our list of distributors, so you can find out exactly where to buy Sterifab. Or you could order Sterifab today!



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