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Even Girl Scouts Love Sterifab: The Story of Christy’s Clothing Pantry

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Christina Tidwell a volunteer who used Sterifab for clothing donation

We get a lot of phone calls at our Sterifab offices. Nothing unusual there. People want to know how to use Sterifab, where they can buy it, how much it costs, and, of course, dealers who buy in bulk for later resale want to know about the latest deals.

Recently, we got a really unusual call. It was from a 15-year old ninth grader from Clinton-Massie High School, in Clarksville, Ohio. Her name is Christina T and she needed our help with a project she was doing for her Girl Scout Gold Award in Leadership.

When we heard this, we were a little nonplussed. How could Sterifab possibly help this young lady with her project? Needless to say, we were intrigued. Wouldn’t you be?

But rather than giving you our account of what transpired, we thought Christy (as she prefers to be called) could tell you in her own words. So, we interviewed her over the phone, and what follows is an edited version of that conversation.


So, Christy. Tell us about your project?


Sure. My project is going to be a “Clothing Pantry” for the Clinton-Massie community. It’ll serve anyone who comes in once a month to our school (during the same time as the food pantry) to pick up free clothes. It could also be used by the nurse/school staff if students have accidents, get sick, etc. I plan to have clothing for all ages. And, to kickstart my project, I plan to have a clothing drive.


That sounds like a gr