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Sterifab: EPA-Registered and Ready to Use

Sterifab™ is the only EPA Registered Virucide, Disinfectant and Insecticide

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6 Ways Sterifab Keeps Military Forces Ready to Serve

Military & Sterifab

Soldiers are the military’s #1 asset. They train for months and boldly promise to put themselves in harm’s way for their country. In order to perform when called upon, they must be cared for and protected by the best equipment and facilities available.

Taking care of your soldiers is not just about supplying them with nutritious food, housing and medical care. It also includes some more unexpected precautions, like ensuring they are protected from viruses, bacteria, poisonous spiders, bed bugs and a number of other pests and infestations. While seemingly trivial, the tiniest of creatures can remove soldiers from the line of duty and render them incapable of doing the jobs they were trained for.

Sterifab has a number of critical military applications that can help keep your soldiers fit and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. As the only EPA-registered product that acts as an all-in-one virucide, disinfectant and insecticide, Sterifab can handle just about anything that might threaten the health of your soldiers.

Here are 6 important ways that Sterifab can be used on a military base:

1. Barracks

As hives of soldierly activity, barracks are easy breeding grounds for scourges like bed bugs, scabies, and the spread of any number of harmful viruses that might land your soldiers in sick call. Meanwhile, ticks, mites and fleas can easily be dragged in, too.

Sterifab is proven to kill all of these enemies, without leaving behind any residue or odor. Simply spray Sterifab on almost any surface (yes, even mattresses), let dry and within about 10 minutes your soldiers can return to the barracks. Get rid of pests without disrupting the daily routine or temporarily displacing soldiers from their beds.

2. Vehicles

Whether in an A1-Abrams tank, an APC, a Humvee, an AEGIS Cruiser or an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the modern U.S. military is powered by vehicles that transport valuable personnel, and must be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Mice and other rodents are efficient in digging into the cushions of seating and rendering a variety of vehicles uncomfortable at best or unusable at worst. Sterifab will eliminate any bacteria, viruses, or other harmful residue left by rodents.

In active combat zones, keeping vehicles clean and sanitary can be even trickier; many soldiers use the same vehicles and there is a greater risk of spreading bacteria and viruses. In particular, it’s important for medical vehicles to be kept as sterile as possible and Sterifab’s easy application makes it a quick way to clean and sanitize between missions.

3. Personal gear

They say a soldier’s worst enemy is disease and many a military campaign has ended in ruin due to the spread of viruses and bacteria. This makes it imperative for every modern soldier to have an easy and effective disinfectant close at hand. Combat vests, gloves, the grips of weapons, MOLLEs, tents, blankets and more can be disinfected with a quick spray of Sterifab to help prevent the spread of transmissible illnesses and diseases.

4. Storage

Lots of military equipment sits in storage for long periods of time. While procedures are usually in place to keep equipment up to performance standards, spiders and other insects do regularly lay eggs or create nests between ammunition piles. Sterifab provides an easy way to handle such pests whenever signs of an infestation are found.

5. Medical facilities

All medical facilities must be sterile to offer the best possible care, but field hospitals are particularly vulnerable to environmental factors and often require a speedy way to clean up and continue working. Sterifab is clear, odorless and does not stain fabrics, making it the perfect fast disinfectant for stretchers, ambulances and more. In more permanent medical facilities, Sterifab is an ally in keeping bed bugs, scabies and mites at bay as well, so soldiers don’t get bitten while they’re on the mend.

6. Latrines

Historically, disease has often been spread among soldiers in shared toilet facilities. While necessarily rudimentary in some circumstances, such latrines are a major health hazard for soldiers and could be aggressively treated with Sterifab to help slow the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. Disease-carrying flies and mosquitoes that gather in such areas can also be effectively controlled with the use of Sterifab. In more permanent facilities, Sterifab can be applied to shared sinks, counters and toilets to make sure that what happens in the latrines stays in the latrines.

Soldiering is dangerous work, and the brave men and women who serve deserve the best backup they can be given: clean equipment and clean facilities. Using Sterifab to provide them with this basic standard of security will help your soldiers stay focused on the mission and fit enough to answer the call of duty.

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