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How to Choose a Good Exterminator

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

I’m sure that by now most of you have seen or at least heard about the A&E reality series Billy the Exterminator. Known for his unusual fashion style, Billy (aka William Bretherton) is nothing if not entertaining. How good he is at his chosen profession of pest control, however, is open for discussion. Which raises the question: just what is a ‘good’ exterminator?

And how can you tell whether the person you hire to solve whatever pest problem have is the real deal, or just plain incompetent? If you need to get rid of mites, bed bugs, termites or any of their fellow pest, you need to be able to figure this out - and fast!

What do you need to know to pick a good exterminator?

how to hire a good exterminator

Selecting the Right Pest Control Company

Selecting the right pest control company is much the same as picking the right mechanic to fix your car or the best person to repair your roof: you decide on the basis of value and quality of their work. Poor bang for the buck? Shoddily executed work? Then you don’t make use of their services, regardless of how tempting a low price might seem or however persuasive they are as salespeople.

Of course, cost is important, but then, so is competency. Just make sure that cost alone is not the deciding factor when you are choosing pest control company. You may save upfront, but you’ll pay the price later on when your pest problem hasn’t been taken care of and you have to call in an alternate exterminator.

Finding a Good Exterminator: What to Look For

To help you pick the best pest control company we have listed a few items below that will help you in your search.

Let’s face it: when most find we have a pest problem we want it sorted out ASAP, right? Not an unusual reaction, but it actually pays dividends if you do your homework and find a reliable, efficient ̶ and reasonably priced ̶ company to do the work. It’s also in your interest to get estimates from more than one potential company. Best of all, such estimates are usually free. If a company wants to charge you for the estimate, move on. Go to the next firm on your list

So, how do you choose the best exterminator?

  1. Reputation Rule Number #1: Don’t rely on what you find on a company’s website alone. And don’t rely on advertising claims You could start by asking members of your family, followed by friends, coworkers, or neighbors for a recommendation. Of course, you can go to a site