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16 Coronavirus Myths Debunked

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

COVID-19 Myths Debunked

If you haven’t heard of the coronavirus ̶ or COVID-19 ̶ as it is officially known, then you must live on a remote island in the South Pacific, with no access to radio, TV, newspapers, or the internet. Lucky you, in one way. The fact is that COVID-19 is something we should all be informed about, and know how to handle.

When this situation first arose, it was the occasion for a lot of jokes by our late-night TV show hosts. No more. Make no mistake: COVID-19 is serious business, despite what some pundits and commentators would like you to believe. But, like the stories about giant alligators living in the sewers of Los Angeles and the abduction of US pilots in the so-called ‘Bermuda Triangle’, myths and stories and conspiracy theories seem to erupt into life when anything of note, good or bad, intrudes on the public consciousness.

The appearance of COVID-19 is no different.

I say all this because some of these myths are comical, were it not for the fact that their (irresponsible) dissemination can actually cause harm. At Sterifab, we are committed to staying up to date with the latest in news and pathogen research. So, here are some myths that you may hear repeated. Don’t be fooled. None of them are true.

1. The coronavirus is man-made.

Untrue. Research indicates that it probably originated in bats and is not a Chinese bioweapon. In fact, conspiracy theorists in China (yes, they have them too) believe it was manufactured in the US!

2 .The new coronavirus can be transmitted through goods manufactured in China or any country reporting COVID-19 cases.

It’s highly unlikely that the virus can live on a surface after it has travelled and been exposed to different environments and temperatures.

3. Face masks can protect you from the coronavirus.

Alas, no. Standard surgical masks aren’t designed to block out viral particles and cannot protect you from COVID-19. However, they can prevent infected people from spreading the virus further.

4. Cold weather can kill COVID-19.

There is no reason to believe that cold weather can kill the new coronavirus or other diseases.

5. COVID-19 can be transmitted through mosquito bites.

No. There is no reliable evidence to suggest that the coronavirus can be transmitted by mosquitoes, or any other insect for that matter.

6 .Ultraviolet disinfection lamps will kill COVID-19.

Another no. And UV lamps shouldn’t not be used to sterilize any part of the body.

7. COVID-19 can be transmitted through mail.

Don’t be afraid to handle your mail. Like goods coming from China, the virus can’t survive the conditions experienced by letters and packages.

8. You can protect yourself from COVID-19 by swallowing or gargling with bleach, taking acetic acid or steroids, or using essential oils, salt water, ethanol or other substances.

No, no, and no. None of these suggestions will protect from the coronavirus. In fact, doing some of these things is downright dangerous. You should avoid them at all costs!

9. People who get the coronavirus will inevitably die, no matter what.

Absolutely, positively, NOT true. The World Health Organization (WHO) officials estimate the death rate for COVID-19 to be around 3% to 4% globally.

10. Taking a hot bath will prevent you from catching COVID-19.

It might make you clean but it won’t kill the virus!

11. You can get COVID-19 if you eat at Chinese restaurants.

No, you can't. If that were true, you'd also have to steer clear of Italian, Korean, Japanese, Iranian, and Italian restaurants, since these countries have also experienced major coronavirus outbreaks.

12. Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body will kill COVID-19.

It may sound cool to some of you, but the fact is that once the virus has entered your body, no topical treatment will work. Sorry.

13. Pets can spread COVID-19.

Another unfounded story. As far as we know, pets cannot be infected with COVID-19. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that people infected with COVID-19 have someone else care for their pets while they are sick.

14. Vaccines against pneumonia can protect you against COVID-19.

No! Flu vaccines don’t protect you from the new coronavirus. In fact, there is no known cure for COVID-19. Several countries are working on a vaccine right now, but that might take up to a year.

15. Antibiotics can prevent and treat COVID-19.

Antibiotics kill bacteria, but they don’t work against viruses. Antiviral drugs do exist, and some so-called broad-spectrum varieties have been successful in combating a wide range of viruses. However, they don’t kill their target pathogen; they only impede its development.

16. Drinking colloidal silver will kill COVID-19.

Another dangerous, and irresponsible claim, first promoted on televangelist Jim Bakker's TV show. Colloidal silver is tiny particles of the metal suspended in liquid. US health authorities say there is absolutely no evidence that this is effective for any health condition. In fact, it can cause kidney damage, seizures and argyria, which will turn you blue!

Can Sterifab Disinfectant Help?

We’ve been receiving lots of emails and phone calls asking if Sterifab kills coronavirus. Here’s what we know: Sterifab is proven to be extremely effective at killing pests, bacteria and many viruses. But we are waiting for the official EPA approval regarding Covid-19, and until that time, we cannot make this claim.

Read answers to all your FAQs about using Sterifab to help combat Covid-19.

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