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Sterifab: EPA-Registered and Ready to Use

Sterifab™ is the only EPA Registered Virucide, Disinfectant and Insecticide

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Keeping Locker Rooms and Gyms Clean with Sterifab

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

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Locker rooms and gyms are high-traffic areas where bacteria, fungus and unpleasant odors thrive, posing potential health risks to everyone who visits them, including children in schools. To maintain a healthy and inviting environment, it is crucial to use the right cleaning solution.

With the right tools, locker rooms and gyms can be easily disinfected to eradicate harmful organisms responsible for ailments like athlete’s foot and ringworm. Sterifab is the perfect all-in-one cleaner for locker rooms and gyms, keeping them pristine and hygienic to promote the overall well-being of all visitors.

1. Superior Disinfection Power

Locker rooms and gyms need a powerful disinfectant to stay clean. From sweaty gym equipment to the constant dampness of locker room showers, many of these environments are excellent breeding places for harmful, microscopic threats. Sterifab kills bacteria and viruses on various surfaces, ranging from countertops to gym equipment, ensuring that every corner of the locker room or gym is thoroughly cleaned and reducing the risk of infections and illnesses spreading among athletes and gym-goers.

2. Eradication of Harmful Microorganisms

Athlete's foot and ringworm are common fungal infections that can easily be transmitted in humid and communal spaces like locker rooms and gyms. Sterifab's potent formula targets and eliminates these harmful microorganisms, thereby curbing the spread of these stubborn infections. By incorporating Sterifab into the regular cleaning routine, gym owners and facility managers can significantly contribute to the well-being of their clients and athletes.

3. Deodorizing Prowess

Unpleasant odors can be a persistent problem in locker rooms and gyms, resulting from sweat, damp clothing, and accumulated bacteria. Sterifab is odorless itself, and helps eliminate bad smells by neutralizing them at their source, leading to a natural, fresh, and clean fragrance. This not only enhances the overall atmosphere of the space but also creates a more pleasant experience for users, increasing their satisfaction with the facilities provided.

4. Non-Corrosive

One of the significant advantages of Sterifab is that it is non-corrosive and can be used on a wide range of surfaces commonly found in locker rooms and gyms. From metals to fabrics and plastics, Sterifab can be applied regularly and thoroughly to keep the space clean. (Just don’t apply on leather fabric or finished hardwood.) This characteristic not only ensures the longevity of gym equipment and amenities but also makes it easy to maintain a healthy environment.

5. Easy Application

Sterifab's user-friendly application makes it an ideal choice for janitorial staff and gym personnel. With its simple spray-and-wipe method, the product can be efficiently applied to surfaces, requiring minimal time and effort for thorough disinfection. As a result, the cleaning process becomes more streamlined, enabling staff to focus on other essential tasks without compromising on hygiene standards.

Sterifab stands as the ultimate solution for disinfecting and eliminating fungus in locker rooms and gyms. Its exceptional formula not only effectively disinfects surfaces but also eradicates harmful microorganisms responsible for athlete's foot and ringworm. Additionally, its deodorizing prowess ensures a fresh and clean atmosphere, fostering a healthier and more inviting environment for all users.

By incorporating Sterifab into their cleaning regimen, gym owners and facility managers can demonstrate a commitment to their patrons' well-being and satisfaction, making their locker rooms and gyms standout destinations for health-conscious individuals.

Did you know?

Sterifab isn’t just a disinfectant. The exact same bottle is equally effective against pests like mites, bed bugs, and even spiders!

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