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It's BUG SEASON! Are You Prepared?

Updated: May 25, 2022

It’s April, and spring is upon us!

The daffodils are already out and the crocuses started rearing their colorful heads a few days ago. Naturally, the vernal equinox prompts thoughts of rejuvenation and regrowth. What that also that it's bug season!

But it is also National Pest Management Month. Now, this may seem a little odd to some readers who aren't accustomed to dedicating a month to the celebration of getting rid of fleas, ticks, bed bugs and other pests, but the folks at the National Pest Management Association want to make us all aware of the fact that all those pesky bugs we did not miss during the winter are poised to return.

They want you to be prepared. And we agree!

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

So, how can you get rid of bed bugs, ticks, fleas and more and keep these pests out of your home (and office, for that matter) in a way that’s both practical and safe?

First, let’s turn our attention to the outside:

Step 1: Look and Lock

You need to reconnoiter the perimeter of your house (or office, if possible) and look for signs of damage. Remember, frigid temperatures and constantly freezing and re-freezing water can open up cracks in the outside walls ‒ and that makes for easy access for a wide variety of bugs.

It’s also worth looking for termite mud tubes. If you’re not familiar with the wily ways of the average termite, we suggest you check out the Wikipedia page on Termites. It’ll tell you more than you ever wanted you know about these destructive beasties.

It’s important that you repair any water damage and seal all of the outside cracks you discover, including typical bug entry points like pipes and utilities (e.g., the wires that your electrical provider and cable company run into your house (or office).

Oh yes, and while you’re on perimeter patrol, you should also be alert to new openings in window frames, on door jambs and any loose mortar you see around the building’s foundation.

Step 2: Empty and Eradicate

Chances are that you cleaned out your gutters at the end of the fall. But if you didn’t, now’s the time to clear those gutters of debris and leaves. Not only will this prevent leaks, but it also eradicates bug-friendly breeding spots. And while we’re on the subject of breeding places, you should also empty birdbaths, flower pots, abandoned (hopefully plastic) toys and other objects in which water can accumulate. Remember, mosquitoes love pools of stagnant water. It’s their version of the perfect maternity hospital! So get rid of it.

Step 3: Discard and Divest

Keeping the property around your house (or office) clean and tidy is almost as important as your indoor efforts. So, first order of business: cut back bushes, weeds and items like Poison Ivy. Then make sure that you cut the grass ‒ and keep it that way for the rest of the spring and summer.

Remember, long grass is the perfect hiding place for ticks, so if you want to get rid of ticks, you need to cut the grass! And, you should also remove any rotted tree stumps you find on your property. They, too, provide a perfect home for a wide variety of pesky bugs.

Step 4: Moving Inside

Okay. So you’ve dealt with the outside.

What about the inside? What do you do if you discover that your best efforts to keep bugs out has failed and you have a bed bug infestation, or mosquitoes, or ticks, or fleas or lice?

Maybe you have all of them!

Don’t panic. There is a way to combat and get rid of all of these pests. Here are a few of the pesky critters you might have to deal with:

  • Keeping Mosquitoes Out: All a mosquito needs is a tiny hole to get into to your home or office, so be sure you check window and door screens and spray with Sterifab!

  • Getting Rid of Ants: You need to spray Sterifab around window sills, doorways, and ventilator outlets, plus any visible trails or pathways.

  • Combating Cockroaches: It’s hard to keep these critters out, but if they do get in then use Sterifab. That’ll get rid of them!

  • Get Rid of Fleas: Use Sterifab and make sure your pets are fitted with flea collars. You should also vacuum carpets, furniture regularly and wash clothes in as hot a wash as you can.

  • Get Rid of Ticks: Clean out shelves, dust corners and shelves, and sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors. Finally, apply Sterifab liberally.

In addition to helping eliminate ticks, bed bugs, fleas and other insects, Sterifab is also effective against fungus, mold and mildew. Plus, it has a number of other uses. It is:

  • Effective, convenient to use and doesn’t leave stains

  • Fast-drying and odorless

  • Totally clear and harmless to fabrics or carpets

  • A quick and effective sanitizer and deodorizer

  • 100% biodegradable.

And, in addition to removing odor-causing bacteria, Sterifab will successfully:

  • Eradicate pathogenic odors

  • Inhibit bacterial growth

  • Function as a bacteriostatic to stop bacteria from reproducing.

  • Kill germs and other and other micro-organisms.

So in honor of National Pest Management Month, may we remind you to play it safe. Just keep a bottle of Sterifab in your home or office and you’ll know how to get rid of fleas, ticks, bed bugs and anything else that comes your way this spring and summer!


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