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It's BUG SEASON! Are You Prepared?

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

It’s April, and spring is upon us!

The daffodils are already out and the crocuses started rearing their colorful heads a few days ago. Naturally, the vernal equinox prompts thoughts of rejuvenation and regrowth. What that also means...is that it's bug season!

But it is also National Pest Management Month. Now, this may seem a little odd to some readers who aren't accustomed to dedicating a month to the celebration of getting rid of fleas, ticks, bed bugs and other pests, but the folks at the National Pest Management Association want to make us all aware of the fact that all those pesky bugs we did not miss during the winter are poised to return.

They want you to be prepared. And we agree!

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

So, how can you get rid of bed bugs, ticks, fleas and more and keep these pests out of your home (and office, for that matter) in a way that’s both practical and safe?

First, let’s turn our attention to the outside:

Step 1: Look and Lock

You need to reconnoiter the perimeter of your house (or office, if possible) and look for signs of damage. Remember, frigid temperatures and constantly freezing and re-freezing water can open up cracks in the outside walls ‒ and that makes for easy access for a wide variety of bugs.

It’s also worth looking for termite mud tubes. If you’re not familiar with the wily ways of the average termite, we suggest you check out the Wikipedia page on Termites. It’ll tell you more than you ever wanted you know about these destructive beasties.

It’s important that you repair any water damage and seal all of the outside cracks you discover, including typical bug entry points like pipes and utilities (e.g., the wires that your electrical provider and cable company run into your house (or office).

Oh yes, and while you’re on perimeter patrol, you should also be alert to new openings in window frames, on door jambs and any loose mortar you see around the building’s foundation.

Step 2: Empty and Eradicate

Chances are that you cleaned out your gutters at the end of the fall. But if you didn’t, now’s the time to clear those gutters of debris and leaves. Not only will this prevent leaks, but it also eradicates bug-friendly breeding spots. And while we’re on the