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Sterifab as a Disinfectant

The Superior Disinfectant

There are so many different types of disinfectants available that it’s often difficult to know which ones will work best for your particular circumstances. Most have their advantages and disadvantages, but an EPA registered disinfectant, Sterifab is acknowledged to be among the most efficient and cost-effective disinfectants on the market.

How Does Sterifab Work as a Disinfectant?

Like many disinfectants, Sterifab is an antimicrobial agent that will kill many microorganisms on contact. Unlike antibiotics, which are designed to destroy microorganisms within the body, disinfectants like Sterifab work by destroying the microbes at the cellular level or hindering their basic metabolic functions. That’s why Sterifab is commonly used in hospitals, prisons, dental surgeries, kitchens, bathrooms, offices - anywhere that humans live or work.

How to Use Sterifab as a Disinfectant

There are all sorts of disinfectants on the market today, including: 


  • Alcohols

  • Quaternary ammonium compounds

  • Phenolic compounds

  • Chlorine compounds

  • Aldehydes

  • Iodophors

  • Hydrogen peroxide. 


But none of these are as versatile and multi-purpose as Sterifab. It may well be the definitive all-purpose product, particularly in today’s world! What other disinfectant also kills viruses, insects, and mold, and is odorless and leaves no trace?

Sterifab works by eradicating microbes at the cellular level, or by hampering their basic operations. Which is why it’s widely used in hospitals, ER’s, dental surgeries, and other health care facilities. 


Sterifab is particularly useful if you’re in the unfortunate position of cleaning up after a natural disaster. It could be the aftermath of a hurricane, or something less dramatic  ̶ but equally traumatic   ̶ like a flood. And even flood water can contain infectious organisms such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Shigella; even typhoid, paratyphoid and tetanus in some cases.  


Not only can Sterifab help you in the clean up process, but it can also prevent mold and mildew from forming. It’s a necessity.

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Why Use Sterifab?

The Anywhere, Anytime Disinfectant

One thing that sets Sterifab apart is its versatility - it really is all-purpose. Oftentimes people think that the best disinfectant to use depends on their particular situation. Some brands are designed to kill diverse sorts of microorganisms (these are referred to as being ‘wide spectrum’); others may be designed to eradicate a smaller assortment of microorganisms.

Sterifab, however, does it all. And for decades it has been the disinfectant of choice for a wide variety of institutions, organizations and facilities, including:

  • Schools and Daycare Centers

  • Hospitals and Hospital Emergency Rooms

  • Office Buildings

  • Veterinary Offices and Animal Kennels

  • Hotels and Motels

  • Churches and Houses of Worship

  • Retirement Homes

  • College Dormitories

  • Correctional Facilities

Sterifab is precisely engineered to:

Destroys micro-organisms

Kills fungus

Kills viruses

Kills mold and mildew

Kills germs and disinfects

Destroy pathogenic odors

Plus, it not only reduces the level of microorganisms from a variety of sites, but also functions as a bacteriostatic  ̶  inhibiting bacterial growth  ̶  and as a highly effective fungistatic, preventing otherwise hard-to-control fungal growth.

Advantages of Using Sterifab as a Disinfectant

Sterifab is a genuinely all-purpose disinfectant and, unlike many other similar products, has a number of features that make it ideal for a multitude of uses. It:

  • Is effective and convenient to use

  • Does not stain

  • Has no added perfume

  • Has no objectionable odor

  • Is fast-drying

  • Is crystal clear

  • Does not harm fabrics or carpets

  • Is one of the only non-residual products labeled for use on mattresses and upholstered furniture

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How to Choose the Best Disinfectant

When choosing which disinfectant to use  ̶  and we hope that Sterifab will be your final choice  ̶  there are a couple of basic questions you should ask when you are choosing a disinfectant that best meet your needs:

1. Is it really effective?

Depending on where you intend to use the disinfectant  ̶  school, office healthcare facility, hotel, retirement home – your criterion for selection may vary. Fortunately, Sterifab can easily and effectively be used in all of these environments.

2. Is it easy to use?

Some disinfectants require multiple applications and involve steps that can be inconvenient and time-consuming. You really need an easy-to-use use disinfectant that can successfully tackle everything from bacteria and viruses to fungi and mildew wherever and whenever needed.

Happily, Sterifab is all of the above. It’s the ‘Anywhere, Anytime Disinfectant’ that you can trust, always!

Did You Know?

Sterifab is more than a disinfectant, too! You can also use it to:

bed bugs
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